Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 3: V’Ahavta L’Rayacha Kamocha (part 2)

Thank you for all your tefilos for Chaim during his bone marrow transplant. Please continue to daven as the next several weeks are especially critical for his recovery.

                                                         Week Three
                          V’ahavta L’rayacha Kamocha (IN OUR THOUGHTS)  
                           Love Your Fellow Jew as You Love Yourself 

                                                    Focus of the week:  
                   Feel internal simcha for someone else’s good fortune

                                                    R' Aaron Feigenbaum
 Rabbi Aaron Feigenbaum is the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Memphis and a Rebbe at the Margolin Hebrew Academy Feinstone Yeshiva of the South. He is Chaim's brother.

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