Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 5: Olam Chessed Yibaneh

                                                    Week Five
                                           Olam Chessed Yibaneh
                             A Torah world is built on kindness

Over the next few weeks make the chessed of hachnasas orchim a priority as the Machlis family does each week (see bio below). Invite someone that you have never invited before or someone that needs an invitation to join you for a meal. Reflect on the fact that acts of kindness are the backbone of our holy Torah.

                                          Rav Mordechai Machlis
Along with his generous wife and fourteen loving children, Rabbi  Machlis has opened his Jerusalem home to anyone, every Shabbat, for those who need both spiritual as well as physical sustenance.  They have welcomed some 300,000 people into their home over the years, from every walk of life with open arms. Check out to view weekly parsha videos made by Rav Machlis that spread the positive message of Judaism to thousands around the world. Read the article that was written about Rabbi and Rebbetzin Machlis and their tremendous hachnasas orchim at

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