Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amen event for Women

Attention Women:
This Sunday July 22nd, 10 a.m. at Ohr Hatorah (36 Rector Ct. Bergenfield,
NJ), we will be having our monthly AMEN EVENT  lielui nishmas Chaim
Yissachar ben Yechiel Zaidel Dov, and to continue Chaim's message to daven
for a refuah shelaima for all cholim, and specifically for those in our

       - Sari Ort- Henna Sara Bas Faiga Malya
      - Rabbi Belizon- Yitzchak Yaakov Ben Batya Sara
      - Aliza Winslow- Aliza Shulamit Bas Rochel Hinda
       - Esther Bas Margalit Sarah

If anyone has any cholim that they would like us to include please

Information for the event is as follows:

-Please daven from "Ma tovu" up until the first bracha of birchot
hashachar ("Natan l'sechvi bina") at home.

-Lynn Kraft will share a brief insight into Birchot HaShachar and lead us
in reciting Birchot Hashachar, Tehillim, and

other brachos in order to give us many opportunities to answer amen.
-We will then take turns saying the birchot hashachar out loud and
answering Amen to each other.

*Many stories have been told about amazing things that have occurred
to people after they made a sincere effort to say amen to a bracha.
Think about the powerful connection we make with Hashem when we recite
amen properly: we are listening to someone praise Hashem for His
infinite kindness, we reflect upon the truth of this praise and we
then actively affirm our belief in that truth!  All the more reason
for us to say brachos out loud in the presence of others who will say
amen, and to concentrate and answer amen when others recite brachos

out loud.*

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