Monday, July 16, 2012

Shiur this Wednesday night

We continue to honor Chaim's memory with our monthly shiur L'ilui Nishmas Chaim Yissachar,A"H, ben Yechiel Zadel Dov.

Rabbi Dr. Howie Apfel, who is visiting from Eretz Yisrael, was a former Teaneck resident and popular maggid shiur in our community.  He will be sharing words of Torah with us this week.

Title: "Bishuv Hashem et Shivat Tzion Hayinu Kicholmim"

Wednesday night
@ 65 Lee Place
8:00 Mincha
8:15 Shiur
followed by Tehillim and Ma'ariv

For those who can't be there...
Call in number 1-610-214-0000
Participant access code 450754#
**Please remember to mute your phone when calling in**

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