Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello friends,

B"h the Emunah magnet campaign has been very successful. In fact, we have been blessed with such success that we need to place another order! At this point if there is anyone that would like to take part in sponsoring this new order, please contact us. You will have such a great part in this amazing mission of spreading Hashem's name and glory around the world. We also would like to get magnets from this new shipments to as many places as possible so if you would like to be a contact in your town that can be in charge of putting them in stores, restaurants and shuls please let us know that as well.

Additionally, some very special people generously sponsored the making of Asher Yatzar cards, which are to be carried around and used as needed. They have Chaim's name at the bottom and we hope and pray that by using these cards to have extra kavana when saying this very important bracha, it will bring Yosef Chaim Yissachar ben Chaya Mushkit and all cholim a quick and complete recovery.

These cards will be placed in the box with the magnets and Rabbi Lazer Brody CDs, outside of 19 Sunrise Terrace Bergenfield NJ for pick up at your convenience. If you feel that you would like more than just a few (to give out to your class in school, or at a specific event) please let us know and we will arrange to get you more.

Thank you for all your amazing support! Go team Emunah

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