Monday, April 23, 2012

Shiur Tuesday night

We are pleased to have Rabbi Tzvi Sobolofsky, Rav of Cong. Ohr Hatorah in Bergenfield and one of the Roshei HaYeshiva at Yeshiva University present this week's words of Torah.

We continue our weekly shiur in the zechus of a refuah shelaima for Yosef Chaim Yissachar ben Chaye Mushkit and all Cholei Yisroel.

We now have the shiurim from Rabbi Feigenbaum, Rabbi Schacter, Rabbi Stechler, and Rabbi Feldman on CD!
They will be available at the shiur and then placed in a box (on the covered porch at 65 Lee Place) for pick up, if you can't make it that night.



@65 Lee Place, Bergenfield

Tehillim to follow

If you can't make it, you can call in to the shiur hotline using the info below:

Call in number 1-610-214-0000

Participant access code 450754#

*Please remember to mute your phone when calling in*

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