Friday, April 6, 2012

Hey everyone,

I miss you all so much, and I hope you know my love for you is endless.

I will try my hardest for this to make sense, and Hashem should bless me, and you, and all of klal yisroel with nothing but love and sweetness.

So lets give it a shot and see if we can start , grow, and learn together a little for pesach..

I dont know about you, but I always remember sitting at the end of the seder,after this lavish feast, filled with singing and dancing and asking myself -Whats the story with the afikoman? Whats the deal with this piece of matzah that we end our meal with? That after all of this, after all the production, after all the questions, after the the entire story and razzle dazzle its just us and this little matzah chillin out...Whats going on? What is it about the afikoman that makes us say, this is the right way for us to end this amazing night. And I think the answer is simple.

After a night filled with greatness,intrigue, grandeur, and awesomeness,it all comes back to simplicity.

The answer is staring us right in our faces. And the answer is, simple.

Life is not simple in any way. To say that it is, would be unrealistic and untrue. Each one of us has our own problems,struggles, and challenges. Be it at work,school, job, financial ,family, etc.... Even our relationship with Hashem also comes with struggle; if it didn't it wouldnt be authentic.

The one area in life, that should be simple, is our simple love for Hashem and His simple Love for us in return. That's what i think the simplicity of Pesach is all about. Simple Love. We must always know that no matter what, Hashem loves us and we must love him in return.. That we can put on the biggest fanciest show filled with the greatest production, in the world, but in the end all Hashem wants is our love,our hearts and our souls, That's the meaning and simplicity of Pesach and Afikoman.. SIMPLE LOVE FOR HASHEM. That no matter what, nothing can ever break or cause that love to be broken. And that's the beauty and simplicity of Pesach and Afikoman.That no matter what,that love is unstoppable and unbreakable.

So, as we sit at our seder tables, after a long night, we we must ask ourselves. "Are we feeling the simplicity? Are we feeling the love?" I hope so.

With much love

Gut yur, Gut purim, Gut pesach

Yosef Chaim Yissachar

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