Monday, February 27, 2012

Amen event for women!

Women!!! Please join us for a special Amen Event given by Rebbetzin Yaffa Jungreis in zechus for a refuah shleima for Chaim Yissachar ben Chaya Mushkit and all other cholim. Rebbetzin Jungreis will lead us in Birchos Hashachar, Tehillim, and many other brachos in order to give us many opportunities to answer amen.

This Sunday March 4th, 10:00a.m. at Ohr Hatorah (36 Rector Court, Teaneck, NJ)

{Please RSVP to so we can plan accordingly. A reservation is not necessary but helpful}

Yaffa Jungreis is currently a teacher at TAG high school and is well known around Long Island for giving many inspirational shiurim and chaburas.

May all the brachos that are said strengthen our connection with Hashem and bring a quick and complete recovery to Chaim Yissachar and all cholei yisrael.

Many stories have been told about amazing things that have occurred to people after they made a sincere effort to say amen to a bracha. Think about the powerful connection we make with Hashem when we recite amen properly: we are listening to someone praise Hashem for His infinite kindness, we reflect upon the truth of this praise and we then actively affirm our belief in that truth! All the more reason for us to say brachos out loud in the presence of others who will say amen, and to concentrate and answer amen when others recite brachos out loud.
An Amen party/event is a beautiful way for people to get together to say brachos and amens in a festive environment filled with fun, friendship and spiritual growth.

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