Monday, February 27, 2012


Hey everyone

Hope you are all doing well and that you had a great shabbos. Baruch Hashem we are all good. I was able to be home for shabbos with Talia and the kids, and was joined by my Holy parents for lunch , so that was really nice. As I say every week, there are fewer things that bring me greater joy, then being home with the family for shabbos. So Hashem thank you so much for that. Also just wanted to say thanks for all the positive feedback we have been getting from the blog. I really feel people are starting to open up and express their feelings in regard to Emunah and avodos Hashem and that is really something we are striving for and hoping to accomplish, so thank you and lets please keep it going. We are open to all suggestions as to how we can better things and spread the good word , so please dont be shy. Also thanks to all of you who have been writing in with words of chizuk, bracha, and tefilah. It means so much to us, we cant thank you enough.

In regard to the medical stuff that is going on ,Baruch Hashem we made it through week one of chemo and other treatments. I got more on tap this week, but as my Holy Drs say, "Chaim lets take it one day at a time", and so that's what we will do. We know we have to do our part, but at the same time its all from Hashem. Our ultimate and loving father is always with us and always guiding us, so we just keep on going. I am starting to feel the chemos a bit, so thats not so much fun, but hey for refuah, we do what we got to do.

As master jewish poet and baal tefilah in our times Matisyahu expresses so well in his song Jerusalem " Aint no one gonna break my stride, Aint no one gonna pull me down ,Oh no, I got to keep on moving". And thats our goal. Nothing will pull us down, we will just keep on moving. ALL OF US TOGETHER. and put our trust in the one above.

(And yes yes a small little fun fact about me i am a big Matisyahu fan). Thanks to all of you for being there for us. Hope to hear from you all soon.

With much love.


Chaim Yissachar


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