Thursday, February 16, 2012

Magnet Update

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well, and all set for what i am sure will be a beautiful shabbos. Anyway i just wanted to let you all know that baruch hashem we are almost completely out of the first order of emunah magnets. There are currently no more available for pickup, however please have no fear. Earlier this week, thanks to three anonymous donors we were able to place a much larger order this time, and hopefully by next week we should have plenty more to distribute. Baruch Hashem there were many people who contacted us about sponsoring more magnets but i think for now we will have enough. I cant thank these 3 donors enough for helping us spread the great name of hashem to the world, as well as spreading the call for all of us to strengthen our Emunah. Hashem should bless them and all of klal yisroel with nothing but bracha, simcha,shalom,love and sweetness. Thank you all so much for helping us spread Emunah and spreading the name of Hashem. May we be blessed to run out of this shipment of magnets as well, and have to order more soon.

Gut shabbos Gut Purim

Chaim Yissachar.

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