Sunday, March 4, 2012

GUT PURIM explained

Hey everyone,

 Rebbe Nachman once remarked: “What most inspired me to devote myself to serving God in truth was hearing stories of tzaddikim.”[1] He explained that many great tzaddikim used to visit his parents’ house, which had once been the home of the Baal Shem Tov (Rebbe Nachman’s maternal great-grandfather). These illustrious Chassidim would frequently visit Mezibuz to pray at the Baal Shem Tov’s grave, and in passing, most of them would visit Rebbe Nachman’s parents. In this way, the Rebbe during his youth came to hear the many stories of tzaddikim that they would tell. These stories awakened in his soul the burning desire to serve God and to strive for the highest spiritual levels. (Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom 138).

  It is customary to teach stories of the Baal Shem Tov and his disciples, and their disciples, etc., on Saturday night after Shabbos.The old Belzer Rebbe taught “Everyone says that it is a segulah for Parnassah to tell stories of the Baal Shem Tov on Saturday night after Shabbos.But I disagree, he said. “It is not only a Segulah for Parnassah, it is a Segulah for all good things. It is not only Saturday night but any time. And it is not only stories of the Baal Shem Tov, but of all of the Tzaddikim (righteous people), even of us".

   With that in mind, and the help of Team Emunah's good friend Reb Zev Rocklin, i would like to share my favorite Reb Shlomo Carlebach purim story, Many have been wondering as to why the past month i have been SCREAMING and signing my name GUT PURIM GUT PURIM.. I hope you enjoy it, as much as i do. And as always GUT PURIM GUT PURIM ...

Once a poor shlepper, Pinchas, came to the Kozhnitzer Maggid on Purim, and said in a weak voice, “Gut Purim”. So the Kozhnitzer said to him, “Pinchasl, you are my best friend in the whole city; how can you come to say Gut Purim to me without bringing me a gift?” Pinchasel didn’t have a single cent; he didn’t have money for his feast at home. So he said, “Rebbe, I’d love more than anything else in the whole world to give you a gift, but how can I possibly do it?” So the first thing the Rebbe did was to teach him how to say Gut Purim. The Rebbe says (loud and strong), “GUT PURIM!” and Pinchasl answers weakly," gut Purim”. Again. “GUT PURIM!” “gut Purim.” "No. I’ll try again. GUT PURIM!” “Gut Purim.” Finally he is roaring out like a lion, “Gut Purim, Gut PURIM, GUT PURIM!” Then the Rebbe said, “Okay now, Pinchasl. Now I’d like you to get me a gift for Purim. Okay. So Pinchasl goes out on the street, and he is yelling at the top of his lungs, “GUT PURIM, GUT PURIM, GUT PURIM!” He went in to a grocery and he yells out, “GUT PURIM” Then he said, “Listen, I know I owe you money from ten years back already, but this time I want you to give me a special bottle of wine and some fruit, because I want to bring a gift to the Rebbe.” There was something about the way he said it that the man had to give it to him. So he brought it to the Rebbe, and the Rebbe said it was the greatest gift he ever had for Purim.

Meanwhile, Pinchasl was walking home, and he thought, “I brought something nice to the Rebbe, and my own wife and children are starving. I better bring them something too.” So he walked back into the grocery store and yelled,”GUT PURIM! Listen, I need gifts for my family too. I can’t just walk home. It’s Purim.” Pinchasl was shining, and the grocery man forgot; he forgot the bill, he forgot about the money. The grocer gave him fruits and wine, and all kinds of things for Purim. So Pinchasl went home. The way things used to be when he was a real shlepper, Pinchasl would walk around the house and his wife would yell at him his children would yell at him, and his house was really a bad scene. But this time Pinchasl walked in like a lion, and yelled, “GUT PURIM!!” His wife looked at her husband, and he seemed like a different man. Pinchas said, “It’s Purim, we have to celebrate!” So they had a great feast and told his children the story of Purim. His house was completely different. His wife and children were looking him in a completely different way. He was teaching his children how to say “GUT PURIM!!!” the way he learned.

In the middle of the Kozhnitzer Maggid’s feast the Rebbe said, “Shhh… be quiet, because everybody in Heaven is quiet, they are listening to Pinchasl teach his children how to say, “GUT PURIM!”

The next morning Pinchasl walked into the rich man’s house and told him, “Listen, last night I decided I want to be a rich man too. I want you to give me a loan of ten thousand Rubles.” Pinchasl said it so strongly that the rich man trusted him. That’s how Pinchasl became the top holy rich man, the top holy beggar of Kozhnitz. Purim gave him the strength.

-- There is a lot that we can learn from this story. We can learn, that we firstly have to put out trust and correct faith in the right places, So many times we doubt what it is we are capable of , because we say, "Hey thats not my style'" or "I could never do that, I dont have the guts"; We forget how many nice people there are out there. We forget how much most people are always looking to help with a hand. be it something big or small. But most importantly, no matter whatever is going on in our lives Hashem just want to hear us scream like Pinchas. He wants to hear us scream from the depths of our hearts.Like the great singer ADI RON says:

" Ki mim'cha ha'refuah.

* Because the healing is from You.

Ki mim'cha ha'parnassah.

* Because the sustenance is from You.

Ki mim'cha ha'ahava.

* Because the love is from You.

Ki mim'cha ha'yeshua.

* Because the salvation is from You.

V'atah tov u'meitiv la'kol.

* And You are good and bestow good on all.

Nachon Hashem l'chol d'varav.

* The Lord is correct in all His words.

L'chol asher hik'rahu be'emet.

* To all who call on You in truth.

Sometimes we just need to scream with truth and sincerity to the ultimate source and all the doors that have been locked will come crashing down.



'Let me hear you as u drive by my house GUT GUT PURIM GUT PURIM.

Chaim Yissachar

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