Saturday, March 24, 2012

New tehillim- Nissan

We wanted to thank you for all the tefillos and Tehillim that you have been saying for Chaim - each tefillah is so meaningful. We are once again beginning a new tehillim campaign . We encourage each of you to sign up again to recite certain perakim of Tehillim on Chaim's behalf every day over the next month. We feel that starting fresh each month gives people the opportunity to either recommit to recite the same perakim that they have been saying until now or to sign up for fewer or more perakim, as the case may be.

In the merit of our daily commitment to complete the entire Tehillim as a group each day, may Hashem grant Chaim and all other cholim a speedy and full recovery.

May the month of Nissan, a month of geulah and emunah bring much needed redemption and refuah to Chaim and all of klal yisrael!

Please click on the link to sign up

Additionally, a family friend went to Rav Kanievsky's daughter, Rebbetzin Koldotzki, for a bracha for Chaim. She recommended that people should recite the following perakim of tehillim 1, 13, 20, 102, 121, 130,142 everyday for him.

Thank you!

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