Tuesday, March 6, 2012

L'chaim for Chaim

As Purim approaches we wanted to reach out to all of you , Chaim's friends and family, to do one very simple but powerful action. There will be many of you that will be drinking to fulfill the mitzvah of "Ad D'lo Yada". We ask that before you take a drink, to please say "L'chaim" and have in mind our own Chaim, Chaim Yissachar ben Chaya Mushkit. The sources say that just saying those words, bring life and healing to those who need it. There are many miraculous stories recorded in holy works about its remarkable power. So if you are going to drink, please use the opportunity to do one more thoughtful act for Chaim.

"Its a wonderful thing when people dance for joy for the sake of a mitzvah. There are times when it is a mitzvah to drink wine- on shabbos and yom tov, or at a wedding or other religious celebrations. If you drink on such an occasions, your intention should be for the sake of heaven. Drink moderately and not to excess, and with the purpose of experiencing the true joy of Israel, which is to rejoice in God, who chose us from all the nations. As your joy begins to radiate, it will spread to your legs and you will literally start to dance for joy. This will banish the forces of the other side, which grip the legs. The force of severity and harsh judgments will be broken, and then you will be able to receive blessings....but dancing with holy intentions has as much power to sweeten the harsh judgments as a redemption." (Reb Nosson Likutey Etzot- Simcha:12)

So again,this Purim, before we take our first of many special l'chaims, please have in mind it should be a zechus for a refuah shelaima for חיים יששכר בן חיה מושקט and all cholei yisroel.

Feel free to print the attached flyer to share this idea with your community or to bring it to your seudah.


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