Saturday, March 3, 2012

They're here...

Hey Everyone.

      Its funny sometimes what we get excited for in life, but this morning was very exciting in the Feigenbaum home (at least for me). We received two packages at our doorstep just in time to keep things rolling. First things first. Thanks to all those who have been so supportive of spreading Emunah and its message through out our magnets. The response has been larger then we could have ever expected, and the need to order more only ignites our mission to keep on going strong. Thanks to all those who contributed in distribution, and more importantly helping us order another batch.

      As I was saying,this morning we were blessed to receive our second shipment of magnets. They look just as good, if not better the the originals and are all ready to picked up ,shipped out, and used to inspire. REMEMBER, the goal is not to have a fancy magnet on our cars, but its to take the message of Emunah and instill it in our hearts, families, and lives. I can honestly say I feel that due to all the positive feedback we have been receiving, we are very much succeeding in this mission. I think that starting Motzai Shabbos Kodesh we will be going back to our normal pickup system for the magnet pickup, outside in a box at 19 Sunrise Terrace in Bergenfield. For anyone that can not make it to pick up, please be in touch and we will figure out how to get it to you. Also our goal is really to spread these magnets out not only around our town but really all over, so if you have any ideas as to how we can spread them out please don't by shy. We are a chevrah, and we try and do things and accomplish things together.

    Also as an added bonus for a limited time only, an anonymous donor has sponsored 100 Rabbi Lazer Brody Torah cds about Emunah and ideas as such free for the taking. For those of you who know me , know that the teachings of Rabbi Brody have really changed my life, and its a real zechus to able to present these to the tzibur free of charge as well . They also will be in the box with the magnets first come first serve on those as well. Again any other ideas people have, as to how we can spread the message and meaning of Emunah in any way ,throughout our lives, homes, family's, and communities is something we eagerly want to hear. Chevrah, lets make a difference, lets make a change, lets grow and continue to grow together as one. We are doing a great job, and lets keep it up.

I THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, and hope to see these magnets flying all over the place soon

With much love

Team Emunah

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