Monday, March 26, 2012


A letter that R' Moshe Tzvi (Matt) Weinberg sent out...

Dear Friends -

As you probably all know, my brother-in-law Yosef Chaim Yissachar Feigenbaum has been battling leukemia for a long time now. He really needs our help to "storm the Heavens" (an expression I have heard many use in recent days) on his behalf. After a long and important chat today with the great Ari Silverman, he felt (correctly so) that we need to do more - and davka to do so in a way that would be meaningful to Chaim.

Therefore, this Tuesday night at 10pm, we will gather in the heights (somewhere in the Glueck building - probably 4th floor) for a special late night event for chaim's refuah. The goal is to serve Hashem with all of our faculties in a way that Chaim would want us to.

1) We will first engage our minds (and souls) with words of torah [in this short chabura we will discuss IY"H the 5th cup at the seder and the coming of mashiach].

2) We will then express ourselves with the koach of dibbur with a special "Stollel" maariv.

3) And we will conclude the evening with niggunim and dancing - to lift our bodies just a bit off the ground and hopefully give Chaim's body the added strength he needs.

[If dancing for someone who is not yet well sounds strange - keep in mind the idea that the soul resides in mind, heart and liver. The lowest dimension is in the liver which corresponds to the physical nature of man. As chaim has had difficulties in recent weeks with his liver, we will try to serve Hashem by singing and dancing with great dveykus and strength using our entire bodies in the process. I take full blame for this idea for those who find it unusual - but it makes sense to me and we have to do everything we can....]

IY"H we will share some good news soon of his improved condition and slowly but surely we hope and pray that he will have a refuah sheleimah.

With much gratitude (and a longing to see you there),


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