Saturday, March 24, 2012


Dear friends and family,

Chazal tell us that adding/changing a person's name can impact their mazal. In order to allow Chaim to receive the full benefit of this important statement of our sages, it was decided to add an additional name to his already powerful name. Tonight, Chaim's name has been changed to YOSEF Chaim Yissachar. We hope iy"H that in doing so, Chaim will be blessed with added strength to have a refuah shelaima bkarov! Please use his new name when davening and learning for his zechus.

We thank you for all of your continued efforts in davening and mitzvos performed in Chaims zchus.

Additionally, Chaim has been receiving platelets a few times a day. If anyone can come to donate platelets, it would be most appreciated and a big mitzvah. Blood types do not have to match for platelets. To donate blood, it needs to be O+. If you are available to donate, please reply to Esti at ChaiLifeline    OR     text or call 646-530-3507

May we hear only besoros tovos!!


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